Visual Tools

From Sean Connin's Visual Literacy workshop 10/26/2011
Selection Guides and Tools
A History Of The Modern World, In Less Than Five Minutes : Planet Money : NPR
Motion chart - Add to your homepage
New York Times Infographics and data visualizations | Small labs Inc.

  1. *Periodic Table of visualization methods - an interactive chart that lives up to its name.
  2. Chartchooser - Provides an interactive display to select graphical options for a given data visualization need. These can then be downloaded, with formatting, in Excel etc.
  3. Google Earth  - downloadable virtual globe.
  4. Google Maps- web-based 2D map viewer.
  5. Gliffy - web-based chart and diagram tool.
  6. Vis4All - offers a consumer review of various visualization tools and visualizations
  7. Photosynth - create panoramas with 3-D quality.
  8. CleVR - a free panoramic photo stitcher.
  9. Make3D - an online tool to turn your images into 3D representations. From Stanford.
  10. * VoiceThread - Create combined visual-audio clips. View this Art Appreciation example. This VoiceThread for Educators page is also a good reference point. This article from ProfHacker may also be of interest. Mike Winiski (Furman U) describes his use of VoiceThread to support Pecha Kucha presentations in undergraduate science.
  11. Timeline - A web-based widget for creating interactive timelines.
  12. Timemap - time based mapping applet to interactive maps. This application is open-source and may require some entry level knowledge of html.
  13. History Flow -tool for visualizing evolving documents and the interactions of multiple authors.
  14. Color Symbolism Chart - identifies the cultural significance of various colors.
  15. Aviary - online image editing and effects tool.Textorizer - create art from text
  16. TreeViz and SpaceTree - are two online tools for creating various forms of tree diagrams.
  17. SOPHIE - a free java-based platform for publishing media rich books and text.
  18. Protovis - an open source project from Stanford for graphical data presentation.
  19. Improvise - a free application to create "integrated metavisualizations" of information and data.
  20. iCharts - publish and distribute data on the web.
  21. UMapper - create a map from any image file.
  22. Web2PDF - Convert a web-page to PDF 
  23. Robert E Horn - visiting scholar at Stanford uses visual description of interests on website.
  24. Public Data Explorer - explore and visualize public data sets with this Google tool.
  25. Gephi - graphics for network analysis and other hierarchical data.
  26. GeoGebra - free application for data graphics and math education.
  27. Tableau Public - free version of Tableau data visualization software.
  28. Visualization Toolkit (VTK) - open source software for 3D graphics
  29. Improvise - free software to interactively build and display data graphics with multiple views
  30. Flare - free software for i interactive data visualization
  31. Walrus - interactive tool for 3D visualization of networks
  32. Comment Space -  an interactive online tool for community exploration of data. Similar premise as Many Eyes.
  33. Data Market - 100 million tim