Energy Project (SCI-8)

Energy project - Topic search tips

Review suggested search tips specific to your topic to speed your search and improve chances for success.

Gale PowerSearch

See subject guide above for search suggestions and tips

U.S. Dept. of -

See subject guide above for search suggestions and tips

Google search tricks

If you cannot find information on previous two sites, use multiple keywords and use quotation marks around phrases to improve quality of your Google search

Graphic Organizer

Energy Project Graphic Organizer (optional)

To organize notes, make a copy of this planner. Adapt to fit if using different information

Citation Support & Instructions

NoodleTools - citations and notes

Easy way to cite sources properly and format correctly in MLA, APA or other popular styles. Great note-taking tool included

NoodleTools Registration Instructions

Follow these instructions to register and create an account in NoodleTools to quickly and easily create your Works Cited

Proper citations in a presentation

Examples of some possible ways teachers may require or accept citations as part of a slideshow type presentation.
This is not an all inclusive list of potential options. Always refer to specific teacher instructions when available.