Eng 10: Propaganda 2021 - Animal Farm

Set up a new project in Noodle Tools. You will be adding your three source citations here.

Noodle Tools

Create a new project and give it a unique name. Keep MLA for the citation style and choose "Advanced" for the level. Under Sharing on the Dashboard, be sure to join our English 10 Project Inbox.

You are required to find and use 3 sources for your research. ONE needs to be retrieved from one of the two DATABASES linked below: Gale's Opposing Viewpoints or World History. As per your project handout: - at least one source must be from a historical example of propaganda/its impact on the world, and at least one must be from a modern-day example of propaganda/its impact on the world. Each source citation must include an annotation (added in Noodle Tools per instructions).

Opposing Viewpoints

Search for "Propaganda" to get sources with a variety of viewpoints on different topics in many formats.

Use the websites linked up on the Ms. Normann's Propaganda - Animal Farm Project document below.


Propaganda - Animal Farm Project.pdf

Copy of project assignment document that includes links to other possible website sources.

Should You Trust Media Bias Charts?

Referencing media charts has become a step when evaluating online news sources. This article includes The AllSides Media Bias Chart.

Analyzing Media Messages BOTH.pdf

Key questions to ask yourself when either analyzing OR creating media.

Capitalization of Titles in MLA format.pdf

It is your job to correctly capitalize words in your citation. Use this brief guide to help you.