English 11

After creating a new project in Noodle Tools please join our Project Inbox on the dashboard.

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Noodle Tools_ Joining project inbox 2020.pdf

Directions for joining the project inbox in Noodle Tools.

What is an academic or scholarly source? Watch the two videos posted below.

Video Takeaways - Countryman Block 1

After watching the videos add a couple points you learned from them on this Padlet. Please include your name in the post.


Opposing Viewpoints

Facts and arguments on current event topics and social issues.

Explora Secondary

MAS Complete and Newspaper Source on Explora Secondary

Gale Academic OneFile with Subject Collections

Contains peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources.

CQ Researcher Online

Award winning in-depth coverage of topical issues written by experienced journalists, footnoted and professionally fact-checked.

ProQuest NY Direct/SLSA Package

Searches many ProQuest databases from one interface.

Gale PowerSearch

Search newspapers, business journals and health journals.


CRAAP Test Worksheet 2018.pdf

Unsure whether or not your web source is up to the standards required for use? Evaluate it using the form posted here.

_2020 Noodle Tools_ Print _ Export Works Cited as a Google Doc (1).pdf

Directions for exporting your Works Cited page from Noodle Tools to a Google Doc and uploading it in your assignment in Google Classroom.


Database Search Strategies

Watch this video if you want a good (and short) refresher on getting the best results when searching in a database.

Evaluate any website sources you find using the CRAAP worksheet posted in handouts.

Google Scholar

Try Google Scholar for academic articles (after searching Opposing Viewpoints and Academic One File).