Take Action G8

Mrs. Szczepanik
Goal - Increase civic participation by researching an issue and then “take action” in order to raise awareness.


Gale in Context: Middle School

On the homepage, scroll down to "Browse Topics" and choose "Social Issues" to get a list of many researchable topics for this project. Research in Context combines Gale reference content with age-appropriate videos, periodicals, primary sources, and more.

Opposing Viewpoints

Facts and arguments on current events topics and social issues.

Noodle Tools
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Noodle Tools

Create a new project to collect the citations from sources you consult for this project.

_2020 Noodle Tools_ Print _ Export Works Cited as a Google Doc.pdf

When you have finished adding sources in Noodle Tools, you can export your Works Cited list to Google Docs to submit in Mrs. Szczepanik's Google Classroom.

Exporting a Citation to Noodle Tools

Watch this short video to help you export citations from Gale Databases to Noodle Tools.