Page Turners

So tell me about this crazy club we love to call...

Page Turners

Well Alright!!!

Page Turners is a club in which students read books from an assigned list. We have a lot of fun and twice a year, we all hop on a bus and travel to a far off land (one of the schools in our BOCES district) and answer a lot of questions about books from our list.  We do this in a competition style event.  Our school's team faces off against teams from other schools.  We all compete to see who has the most knowledgeable team! Oh hey, also - the winners of the divisions will get together in May or June to have a final competition!!!  ...And did I mention the pizza?  You'll have to come to a meeting to find out about the pizza... 

...One more thing...if you are interested in visiting the BOCES website to learn about Page Turners in official type language 

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Middle School or Chapter 2 Teams are composed of students from grades 6 through 8
High School or Chapter 3 Teams are composed of students from grades 9 through 12

Competition is January. Schools compete in geographical divisions, 3 or 4 schools to a division; competitions are hosted by schools during the day using a Quiz-bowl format. Competitors submit questions and division winners compete in May or June for the Regional Title.

The focus of Page Turners is to:

Share great books that will enrich children and young adults Develop team working skills and leadership skills Having fun with kids who enjoy trivia and reading