Spanish Databases

The following databases work well with Spanish Class.
Under Salem Press - Click on "Great Lives from History" and then "Latinos" to access Latino biographies.
Newspapers in Spanish

  1. Open Grolier
  2. Click on the "High School" Tab
  3. In the "Our World" box, select "World Newspapers"
  4. Find the Spanish speaking country of your choice and click on "Go" (Green box in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up.)
  5. Read on!

Periodicals in Spanish:

  1. Open Gale PowerSearch
  2. Click on "Publication Search"
  3. At the bottom of the page - Next to "Language of Publication" select Spanish
  4. You are now searching publications that are only in Spanish

The GCC Databases are for the college credit classes.  



Newspapers in Spanish


Gale PowerSearch

Search newspapers, business journals and health journals.

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GCC Databases