Mr. Baumer's 6th Grade Research

Hello, 6th grade students!

Welcome to your information center on the Library/Media Center webpage. Below you will find databases, websites, and videos to help you gather your research.

Science Fair Project

The Lightning Thief Project

FactCite Mythology

Greek and Roman gods, goddesses, heroes, places, and other aspects of Greek and Roman mythology.

Ancient Civs Greece

Examining major aspects of each ancient culture, such as its government, its economy, and its religious practices.

Inventor/Scientist Project

FactCite Essential Biographies

Biographies, including presidents of the United States, explorers, authors, inventors, African-American leaders, notable people from Colonial America and the Revolutionary War eras, and notable women


A look at the great and often unrecognized pioneers in the field of innovation and invention.

Famous Scientists

A very comprehensive list of internationally known scientists.

Women Inventors

Exploring the contributions of modern women inventors.

Famous Inventors

A list of 40 famous inventors and their accomplishments.

Gale Databases

Gale resource portal.

Animals Research Project

PebbleGo Animals

Research information that supports animal classification, behaviors and habitats.

Gale In Context: Elementary

A general reference resource for primary and elementary.

Great Depression WebQuest